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Freight Solutions

From Amsterdam to Hong Kong, there's no port we don't cover.

Safe Transport

Your goods are always safe, and insured in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Prompt Delivery

Time is everything to us, we always deliver on schedule, for we know what a business day means to our clients.

Our Team

From pilots, to captains, to the mail man and even customer service respondents, we have people all over the globe, working day and night to make the delivery of your cargo a success.




South Africa




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I just had a simple bracelet to send to my boyfriend in Boston as a birthday gift. When I stumbled on this shipping company, I admit, I was a bit sceptical because I thought all they did was shippping of large goods. But I was surprised how well they handled my shipping, like I was their only customer.

Laura Fitzdale


I needed my farm products shipped overnight and fresh to Japan. I contacted Global Express Mails and their response was immediate. They came to my farm with refrigerated trucks and took my products from there. The next day, my client was happy with the quality of delivery. I stuck with them since then!

Lois Willy


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